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Every person who inquires at your practice is on a journey; not only a personal journey to healing and living life with peace and ease, but also a LONG journey down the road on the way to an intake session, a.k.a. Your Intake Process.

Due to the number of detailed steps and unique twists & turns down this road, there are many places along the intake journey where client care can fall short and revenue is lost. 

If your intake process feels exceedingly hectic as you grow, a client relationship management system (CRM) like Practice Axis can help reduce stress for your client care team and everyone involved.

At the Intake Analysis Info Session:

  • We’ll ask some thought-provoking questions to help you zero in on areas where you can optimize your current intake process
  • You’ll receive a demo of the Practice Axis CRM 
  • You’ll take away strategies & tips to streamline based on the needs at your specific practice

The Intake Analysis Info Session will answer questions such as:

  • Where do you have opportunities to automate communication & tasks during your Intake Journey without losing the human touch?
  • How can you improve client retention and reduce drop-off after the intake session?
  • How can you optimize your waitlist management to match prospective clients with the right therapist?
  • Which data can you be tracking from the first phone call to generate reporting insights you need to scale?
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